Old Saint Patrick's Cathedral - Manhattan
Photos of actual beams in place at Old St. Patricks

We were recently able to acquire some large planks from Old St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan. The planks were carefully reclaimed from the old rectory at the St. Patrick's cathedral site to make room for new townhouses. The planks are over 150 years old and are old growth long leaf pine. Given the size and beauty of these planks, they seem to be best suited for farm tables and corporate conference tables. We have a quantity of 14 planks at 14'x12"x3". No more will be available after these are used. We are taking orders for furniture from this stock now.


Thornbury Wood

The school at Old St Patricks was built in the early 1800's, the first parochial school in N.Y.
Martin Scorcese attended school at St. Pats in the 1950's.