About Us

We design and create quality furnishings of all styles that will distinguish your environment from any other and make it uniquely yours. Thornbury is a collection of creative artisans with a passion for working in natural materials. We're an independent group of artisans that strive to make objects with a unique aesthetic, thoughtful functionality and longevity.

We encourage our clients to participate in the design process and to influence the outcome in ways that will best serve their needs. We also strive to be affordable so that we can achieve our mission of furnishing the world with beautifully functional pieces.

Thornbury Wood

Dave Cloud is the principal artisan and owner of Thornbury. He studied at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia under 5th generation German cabinetmaker Leonard Hilgner, Robert DeFuccio of Knoll and other notable Philadelphia woodworkers Richard Kagan and Bob Worth. Dave combines his classical and modernistic aesthetic with his experience in aerospace manufacturing technology to design and build furnishings and structures of superior quality. His broad knowledge of materials and his technical skills allow him to expand furniture creation beyond typical boundaries while remaining rooted in the classical woodworking tradition.